Setting Up Shop

A jewelry crafting friend and I decided to team up to test out how our creations would do at some local Swap Meets. We discovered the hard way that this audience didn't quite have an appreciation for handmade finds (But hey, you never know until you try -- insert obligatory ironic use of #yolo). What really ended up selling was random junk around the house that we just brought to fill up our booth. For example, hampers and shoe racks used during college, stickers, cute ceramic mugs, and the creme de la creme -- an old school speakerphone (Most of which were supplied by a third friend we dragged along in an attempt to treat the early stages of hoarding). Regardless, fun times were had and we witnessed firsthand just how much one man's trash was another one's treasure.

I figured I'd introduce my plants to the art of picketing.

One of my favorites and apparently everybody else's too.

Saw this beauty and just handed over my money. No questions asked.

Keep Calm & Send Flowers. Much thanks to Miss Jenny Tang for helping me make these little signs and for taking these photos. It's becoming ever more evident with this post that I owe her boba.

Just accessorizing with some beautiful jewelry sold by thecomelycloset. No big deal.

My stint at potting cacti. Despite multiple stabbings I was elated when they found a good home :)

Little Miss Popular.

Until next time, Happy Sunday! :)