Flea Market Fun

I never knew such a wonderful place as the Rose Bowl Flea Market existed until a client of mine (Janet & Jeff) asked for me to shop with them for their wedding. That first time, I felt like I almost gave myself an epileptic seizure from looking around at everything so fast. The place was so big and had so much stuff, I just had to take it all in.

After that day, I made a mental bookmark to search exactly there for vessels and special pieces if I ever had another vintage themed wedding. But of course there was also the added bonus of getting to shop for myself as well. After a recent trip on a much needed day off, I was very excited to blog about it here. I hope you enjoy and check it out yourself :)

Someone was selling air plants. I was quite a fan of her geometric stands.
I wanted this book shelf. But since I couldn't afford it, I took a picture instead.
Blast from the past: medicine edition.
Loved the ivy pattern on this lantern.
Pretty trinkets galore.
Crafting supply heaven.
And lastly yours truly. I ended up buying one of the most anti-vintage items there -- this cart. I've been wanting one since forever for all of my mini flower market runs. Very happy to say that I've finally acquired one. I also found a pretty handbag and ring but didn't have a chance to photograph them. But don't worry, I'm sure they'll pop up in future posts because I'll be using them a lot! Until next time, stay tuned for a post about my recent visit to one of my favorite venues: Descanso Gardens. Coming soon to a computer or mobile device near you! :)