State of the Storefront

I got off the phone feeling the biggest sigh of relief I have felt in a while. My walk-in cooler was up and running. You might think it's crazy for someone to get so excited over a refrigerator so here's the story. When I first even thought about opening a store, my biggest deterrent was figuring out the logistics of sourcing and building such a big, but much needed monster. I knew it was going to be expensive so instead of going on that vacation to somewhere tropical and wonderful, I saved.

After a weekend of research we were able to find a second-hand cooler for a pretty dang good deal. And thanks to the sheer will of my good friend's dad and two trips, this beast was disassembled and transported from a pizza restaurant in Hollywood to my store. Oh and please note that since this cooler wasn't brand new... it was dirty and smelled so so bad. It took 3 days for my dear family to completely clean it. I was only able to participate in one cleaning day so I owe them a little bit short of everything, especially my mom.

And now it's fully assembled and ready to house many, many flowers (Huge thanks to the same friend's dad who was aforementioned and his accomplice). No longer will I have to be paranoid about waking up to find my centerpieces dead from the heat--not that this ever happened but in my nightmares it did. What a sense of security.

I'm also happy to report that my signage has been finalized and I picked up my business cards! Now I just have to get more furniture/move some furniture around/find knick knacks for decoration/pot some planters/pot orchids and succulents/pass inspection and I'll be set. This all doesn't seem too bad now that the cooler has a big check mark next to it :)