I woke up Thursday morning and groggily glanced over at my phone to check for emails. I did a double take at my notification bar when I saw that one of my June brides had reviewed my services! And on top of that she attached photos with her kind words. It was like Christmas.

Bridal bouquet featuring peonies & lavender
Side view!
Groom succulent boutonniere with lavender and burlap accent

Even though my client's order only consisted of bouquets and boutonnieres (aka "personals"), I wanted to make sure she felt taken care of just as much as any other wedding with the whole shebang. I've read horror stories on Yelp where unhappy customers reported feeling less prioritized when they send their florist considered their order small. That kind of review is something I hope to never see on my page. I understand not everyone can afford a Kim Kardashian flower wall or if they prefer to channel their money towards a mortgage instead. But that shouldn't mean their day is any less special.
Bridesmaid lavender bouquet
So whether you're throwing a ball or having a civil ceremony, just know that we got your floral pretty covered ;)

{Photography by Elaine King of George Street Photo & Video}