BTS | Royal Blue Wedding

This week so far has been chock-full of goodies. For example, I restocked on my favorite brand of kimchi and today is the first day of Fall. I love fall. It is hands down my favorite season. Why? Because it's full of boot wearing and pumpkin tasting things. And call me crazy, but I love the smell in the air. Yes, even through the dense smog of Los Angeles, my nose can detect the seasonal change. Anywho, I just drafted two floral orders and figured I should end my night blogging about one of my favorite summer weddings before I go gaga over my fall weddings. I was originally going to include these photos with my previous post, but these behind-the-scenes shots didn't quite go with everything else. So I decided to dedicate an entire post to what went down that day.

Wind. There was a lot of wind by the beach which made it somewhat difficult to secure my fabric. But time and time again, zip ties saved the day. I know I always go on a crazy zip tie kick on almost each post, but they're just that great. But I must say despite the wind, I didn't mind working by the water on a day where it was expected to hit the 100s in the inlands.

I really loved the courtyard at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Especially the hanging lanterns and lights. I tried to muster up a decent smile in this pic but the glare of the sunlight was just too great. So this is the best you're going to get.
And omg I did not know of the intensity my face exuded during times of concentration until this picture surfaced.
Further proof. But I guess friends have told me in the past how my mouth tends to hang open when I'm concentrating.. or when I'm watching tv..
This is how happy I get after smooth installs. After making sure everyone's boutonniere was on straight we were able to secure this shady spot to watch the procession.
After much hard work, I treated myself and my assistant to a delicious Greek dinner at nearby Downtown Long Beach. #WeRegretNothing
And that's it! For installation days I pretty much work my ass off and then eat like a queen. My answer to the question "would you like a salad or fries with that" would always be fries on these days. Always fries. Until next time!