Grand Opening!!

I still look back at this day in disbelief but since there are pictures it must have happened. It seemed like just yesterday when I would sit at my desk job daydreaming about a storefront.

I really didn't think I would be scrambling to Porto's on a Saturday morning to pick up pastries for my very own grand opening.
While preparing for the big day I remember wishing I had more time to make a photobooth of some sort. Since I was occupied with weddings the previous four weeks I virtually had no time. But lo and behold when my crafty friend walked through the door, she surprised me with a DIY photobooth with props to boot! I think the smile on my face pretty much summed up my emotions at that moment.
I opted for flower crowns to be my party favors. They were made with a combination of pom poms, eucalyptus and chamomile -- some of my favorites!
I can't say thank you enough to these two for helping me have such a smooth day. Love you both to pieces.
And to all my guests, thank you so much for sharing an afternoon with me. I know it got quite crowded at some points but this event really turned out to be one huge reunion spanning from my high school life to the years after college.
One of my favorite aunts walked in and said "You're the first. The first one to start a business in our family." I teared up but luckily I was able to hold the river back. Haha
And I absolutely would not be where I am today without the love and support from my wonderful parents. I'm also pretty sure they're happy I'm not producing weddings out of their backyard anymore.
My Grand Opening was hands down one of the happiest days of my life. I was in the best company of family and friends and could not have asked for better people in my life. It was one of those days where at the end your cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing all day. Thanks again for coming everyone!!