Rustic Botanical Garden Wedding

I recently submitted this wedding to one of my favorite wedding blogs. Since I wrote a pretty detailed excerpt I figured I'd feature it here too since I didn't get to blog about it last year. Here we go and I hope you enjoy :)

Eileena was just one of those clients who I instantly had a connection with. Probably because we loved all of the same things -- dogs, food and bad jokes. Our email chain was filled with words in caps, exclamation points and smiley faces. We were both excited for her wedding which made it all the more fun to design. During our initial consultation Eileena and Puneet told me that they wanted a romantic rustic wedding. After further discussion it was obvious that there was a collective appreciation for moss, burlap, and lace. Puneet threw in that "terrariums are cool" and with these dreamy elements in mind, I set to work.

After planning to build my terrariums in a traditional low round vase, I felt that my centerpieces needed a little something more. In need of inspiration, I walked my local flower market one morning and absolutely fell in love with some wooden slabs. These pieces were by far the heaviest items I have purchased from downtown but I triumphantly carried them to my car. And to top everything off, I had been eyeing a cute three-footed vase for quite some time. When Puneet mentioned terrariums, it was this vase that I immediately thought of. I was very excited to finally have a reason to purchase the little guy.

The day of the event was an absolute pleasant surprise. With weather forecasts predicting an 100 degree day I was ready to sweat buckets. But to my delight the gardens of the venue provided a surreal oasis from the heat scorching the rest of southern California. And to say that Hartley Botanica is a beautiful venue is an understatement. Despite my client's descriptions and pictures, seeing the place in person was unbelievable. The ceremony was held in a glen at the end of a tunnel of arching trees and the reception was essentially in a secret garden bordered with a beautiful assortment of foliage. Since the ceremony location was already a work of art on its own, Eileena opted to decorate the aisle with petals.

As for the reception, the tables were dressed in a burlap tablecloth accented with a lace runner. After placing my wooden slabs and terrariums, I sprinkled reindeer moss on the table to finish the look.

The bride also made sure to incorporate a little bit of her family and friends in her special day. She and her sister decorated the signing table, which was garnished by a succulent plant potted by her very own dad!

She also asked close friends to bring handmade baked goods for her dessert table. It was a grand sugary feast comprised of lemon bars, cookies and brownies made from heirloom recipes.

Overall, my favorite part of the day was giving Eileena her bouquet. A couple weeks prior she had emailed me saying she had thrifted a gold leaf pin she wanted to add to her bouquet. In a medley of dahlias, roses, scabiosa and eucalyptus, the pin was the perfect accent. I was beyond happy when I found out that Alumniq captured Eileena's reaction to seeing her bouquet for the first time and that details like the leaf pin were captured by Phoebe.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hartley Botanica {Somis, CA}
Photography: Phoebe Joy Photography