Waterfront Wedding

Jennifer was one of my pre-storefront brides who found me on the internet and was gracious enough to meet me at a local Starbucks for our first consultation. She specified that she wanted lots of foliage and for the arrangements to look wild and airy. I (surprise, surprise) got very excited because I personally love that aesthetic. I was also spoiled because Jennifer gave me complete creative freedom over the concepts she had chosen. Without further ado, I present one of my favorite September weddings.

The bride mentioned she wanted a pop of yellow. And I don't think anything would have done as perfect of a job as chamomile.

I also saw this scabiosa at the flower market during my pick-up and had to get it. The color palette featured different shades of purple and I couldn't pass this dark tone up.
Nothing quite beats the feeling of being surrounded by a sea of flowers. Especially if this sea includes maidenhair fern.
The recipe for the bridal bouquet -- I don't think I've used this many ingredients before. This is like a floral all-star team.
One of my first flower girl poseys. It made me really happy when the bride told me the flower girls loved them!
The bride emphasized that she didn't want her bouquets to be round. And not-round was what she got. It's actually a lot harder to make a not-round bouquet look nice -- a skill I'm still trying to master.
Lastly, the bridal bouquet. My iPhonography doesn't do it quite justice but I'm sure the professional photographer got plenty of nice shots! I'll probably do a follow up post once she sends those images my way.
And here are some reception pieces I got a couple snapshots of. I loved that Jennifer asked me to make two different designs with the same vessel for her table toppers.
I know many people dislike carnations but I really feel like they're making a comeback! I always tell my clients it depends on how their styled. I hope I contributed to the movement with the use of carnations in my sweetheart table piece!
After about an hour drive, all the fleurs are at their final destination! I keep lucking out with venues that are in cool places during our delayed one hundred degree California summer weather.
I must point out that Jennifer made excellent linen choices. My assistant and I were both going pretty bonkers setting up on them.
Per special request of the bride, we decorated the mantel with just roses and foliage, but the effect was wonderful. Hands down, my favorite part of the wedding.
Oh and it doesn't hurt that we had this view the entire time during setup. I really love how my job brings me to these little locations I would have otherwise not known of. Until next time! :)

Venue: Portofino Hotel & Marina {Redondo Beach, CA}