Let's catch up

I hope you all like my new website. I was so excited the night before launch that I couldn't even sleep. It was definitely a labor of love since last November. My intended re-launch date was originally the new year but that obviously didn't happen. I was bummed at first but a good friend told me it'd be better to launch when I was ready as opposed to meeting a deadline. Her words were reassuring and I am so glad I waited because back in December I wasn't happy with how the site looked, but I also wasn't sure how to go about tweaking it.

Thankfully during the months that followed I was finally able to figure out how I wanted to move some things around. It was also at this time that I reconnected with Amanda of Bowtie & Bloom Photography. We had previously worked on a wedding together and "got on" quite nicely (Currently obsessed with The Graham Norton Show so I thought I'd throw some British lingo in here). I really wanted a new profile picture for the About portion of my new website so I figured what was the harm in asking and she graciously offered her help! Before I knew it Amanda was at my store introducing me to her husband and partner Ragi. We opted to take some photos of me working first and then drove over to Arlington Park in Pasadena to finish our session. I had the best time and they did such a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable. And since I only posted a couple photos from that shoot on my website I figured I'd dedicate an entire post to the rest of them.

Many thank you's are in order. First one goes to Amanda and Ragi for making someone who is nervous in front of a camera feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are looking for some genuine people to photograph your engagement or wedding, look no further because these two are it!

A thank you goes to Lauren for your unending moral support and being there for all the crazy that came with starting this business.

And to all my other friends and family who I couldn't bring along to this shoot. Thank you for always listening and cheering me on. You all make me better. 

An additional thank you to Amy of Love Meet Design for customizing my social media icons. 

But most importantly, a special thank you to Rebecca for exchanging 100+ emails with me to get this page up and running. I feel truly lucky and having now expressed all my thank you's I think I can finally go to sleep. Goodnight everyone!