Desert Flower Crowns

With Coachella on the horizon again, I wanted to join in on the festivities by making some flower crowns -- especially after I picked up some daffodil and lavender silk florals from a downtown supply run. Coincidentally, my friend over at The Comely Closet asked if I could snap a couple photos for a festival lookbook. I proposed that she should model my crowns and we had a deal!

Because we wanted a desert vibe, we both thought of a freeway overpass we had shot at before. After braving dirt, weeds, fire ants, and inconvenient wardrobe changes, this was the fruit of our labor:

[Daffodil Crown]

[Lavender Crown]

[Tulip Crown]

[Delphinium Crown]

Each crown is only $20! Email or call us to secure your order for pick up :) To see the full outfits, visit The Comely Closet (!