Jenny & Neil

When Jenny first reached out to me for a consultation I was elated to find out that she was a referral from a past client, Connie (Click here to view her wedding). Connie gave me my first gold and coral wedding to work with and the photos from that day are still some of my favorites (i.g. her bouquet is like my profile picture for everything). Not to mention Connie was beyond laid back and a dream to work with. I suspected Jenny would have the same demeanor because cool people know cool people, right?? And I was right.

During our Skype session Jenny mentioned how she wanted a paper flower install for her ceremony but other florists she had spoke with turned the project down. I, on the other hand, had been dying to take a crack at paper flower making. I proposed a test trial and if Jenny found my paper flowers worthy, we would proceed with the complete install. And luckily, my first time crafting paper flowers was met with approval from the bride.

Originally, Jenny only asked for paper flowers, but while drafting her floral order, I was struck with the idea to incorporate some foliage into her design. I was so happy when she told me she loved the added greens the day of. One of my favorite moments of the day.

For the bridal bouquet, Jenny requested for a medley of pastels. The light blue hybrid delphinium my vendor provided was perfect for the job. When picking them up from the flower market, I may or may not have have gotten inappropriately excited about them..

Seriously, this delphinium. I can't even right now.

I must take a moment to point out what impeccably good taste Jenny has because she asked me to make a centerpiece like this.

My centerpieces were also able to share the table with a Julie Song Ink original. I even got the chance to meet THE Julie Song herself and managed to sputter what resembled "I am such a fan of your work" before she had to run off to meet other guests. 

After recovering from my celebrity meeting, I regained my composure enough to re-purpose the aisle arrangements as a garland for the sweetheart table.

With all other aspects of the reception taken care of, I finally had some quiet time to have my way with the wedding cake. I absolutely loved the combination of white ranunculus, dusty miller and light blue hybrid delphiniums for cake flowers. Nothing like a trifecta of soft textures. 

When I packed up my toolbag to get ready to leave, I felt a great sense of accomplishment but I also felt the usual bit of sadness start to settle in as well. It's a certain sadness that comes with knowing that this event we had been planning for months has now come to an end. This wedding was truly such an adventure. It allowed me to brave new endeavors which ultimately led to reveling in the wonderful feeling of seeing something you saw in your head come to reality. I can't thank Jenny and Neil enough for trusting in me. To this day, I still occasionally whine to them about how much I miss their wedding. Until next time! :)

Vendor List

Venue: Brookside Golf Club (link here)

Photography: Jenna Bechtholt Photography (link here)

Coordination: Pop the Champagne! (link here)

Stationary: Julie Song Ink (link here)