Let's Pop Some Bubbly

September has been crazy. But the good kind of crazy. Between preparing for this month's events and dressing my store, I am happy to announce that I'm going to stick with September 27th for my Grand Opening! So if you find yourself by 922 E. Las Tunas Dr. on that day between 11am and 3pm, please feel free to pop in and say hello!

On another note, this week has been filled with treasure hunting. Per a friend's suggestion, I went to my local Savers to find knick knacks and loved all my buys. Here's just a peek at my bounty:

I also finally pulled the trigger on some decor items downtown. For weeks I would walk by the same aisle, coo over the same items and put them back on the shelf... But not this time! And while I was on that high I figured I'd pick up a second round of silk flowers. I got back to my store and did a test run of my front display and I gotta say I'm quite excited. There is still so much to do, but for now some sleep is in order. Good night! :)