Royal Blue Wedding

When I first met with Linda, she enthusiastically told me she wanted bird cage centerpieces and royal blue flowers. She had seen my bird cages from a previous event and very much wanted them to be customized for her wedding day. And since I'm always on board with anything bird cage or lantern related, I was excited. As for her royal blue flowers, I highly suggested we use blue delphinium because they naturally have a beautiful cobalt hue. I tend to stay away from dyed flowers which is a common option for royal blue weddings. A popular candidate is royal blue dyed roses, which I'm not too fond of since they look obviously dyed. What can I say -- nature does it best and I'm strongly biased. So be prepared for concentrated pops of blue as I present my version of a royal blue wedding.

One of my favorite wedding day packaging practices includes finding a nice vessel for the boutonnieres. The container will usually be related to the theme and colors of the wedding.
In this scenario, I was sold on this blue wicker basket. And I can't help but line the bottom with moss. I'm one moss obsessed lady.
And don't get me started on this grey ribbon. I love it so much I have two spools of it at the store. Why? Because I have yet to see anything that doesn't look good with it. Ribbon winning at it's finest.
Sigh... the bridal bouquet. I was a little worried about how she would hold up in the heat but she did fantastic. Especially since she was built with some ever sensitive tulips. Throwing in some strong brunia and delphinium was a good life decision. She's definitely one of my favorites.
The bridesmaid bouquets were similar in design except I swapped the tulips out for some spray roses. Just like the bridal bouquet, these girls liked getting their picture taken too.
After a couple trips unloading and braving some coastal winds, our drapery was up! With each gig, I grow ever grateful for the invention of zip ties.
A close-up of the large arrangements adorning the ceremony trellis. I was very happy my supplier was able to get me such pretty blue delphinium.
Bird cage aisle decor to escort the bride to her groom with fabric swag to boot. Gotta love the brick work of this courtyard.
My centerpieces happily sitting at their tables ready to greet guests. The table linens matched the florals beautifully.
And then there was the cake. The two silver bird cake topper was my favorite part. And of course a baby birdcage because I just had to.
I must say the Long Beach Museum of Art is quite the venue. Just look at how it looks at night too!
If you're looking for a beach wedding that's by the beach but not quite on the beach, then I would highly suggest this place.

Many thanks to my friend Tang for all her help and supplying the majority of the photos for this post :) I was very happy with how this wedding turned out and would very much love to visit this venue again.

Venue: Long Beach Museum of Art {Long Beach, CA}